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Questions and Answers

Below you will find answers to many common questions about Giving Day 2017.

What is Giving Day?

Giving Day is a 24-hour online fundraising drive to support UC Santa Cruz students, faculty, and campus programs. Project teams reach out to supporters and inspire them to become donors.

Has this been done before?

Yes, in 2016 our first-ever Giving Day was a huge success. With 60 different projects to give to, we raised $339,276 dollars in just 24 hours. This year, we have more than 100 projects featured.

When is Giving Day?

March 8, 2017.  Donations made between 12:01 a.m. and midnight count toward Giving Day.

Is there a minimum gift?

Yes. The Giving Day website requires a minimum gift of $5.

How do I make a gift on Giving Day?

Go to our special Giving Day website givingday.ucsc.edu to make a donation using a credit card. The site keeps track of gifts in real time so everyone can see right away how projects are doing as they earn matching funds and compete for challenge prizes.  

Gifts made by other methods on Giving Day will count toward the day’s totals, but only gifts made at givingday.ucsc.edu count toward matches and challenges.  

What are “matches”?

Matches, created by donors for favorite projects, create an incentive for others to give. When someone makes a gift, the donor matches it 1:1 up to the stated amount. For example, when you make a gift of $100 to a project with a pledged match of $1,000, an additional $100 will go to the project. That 1:1 match continues until the full amount of the pledge has been reached.

What are “challenges”?

Challenges, also funded by donors, create fun competition between project teams. The project that has the most unique donors in a specified time period is awarded bonus dollars. For example, the project with the most gifts from noon to 2 p.m. might win a $2,500 bonus. Note: If one person makes multiple gifts to the same project during the specified time, it counts as one gift for purposes of the challenge.

Can I sponsor a match fund or a challenge?

Yes! If you would like to support a matching dollars program, we'd love to hear from you! If you would like to create a challenge, we’d love to hear from you! Please connect with Howard Heevner at (773) 501-9189, or hheevner@ucsc.edu.

Can I give more than once and to more than one project?

Absolutely! Your impact will be that much greater when you do.

Where are the "pop-up" events on Giving Day?

Events celebrating Giving Day will be held at two locations on campus:

10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in Quarry Plaza

11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at OPERS / East Field

How do I spread the word?

Talk about Giving Day to your friends, colleagues, and to anyone you think might be interested in supporting the great work at UC Santa Cruz.

Reach out directly to prospective supporters on Giving Day.

Share early and often on social media.

Can gifts be made to funds not featured?

Yes. Donors can support any campus fund they choose, whether or not it is one of the projects featured on the Giving Day site. Note that projects not featured are not eligible for match and challenge funds. You can search or browse the  A-Z list of all giving opportunities to access funds beyond those featured on the giving website.

Do pledges or planned gifts count toward Giving Day?

While all contributions are welcome and appreciated, only outright gifts will count toward the Giving Day totals.

Will my contribution be tax-deductible?

Yes. Your gift is irrevocable and tax-deductible as prescribed by law. You will receive an e-mail confirmation that will serve as your receipt for tax purposes.

Is it safe to make my gift online?

Yes. The information collected during Giving Day is stored and protected by UC Santa Cruz and will only be used for recording your gift and the business of the University of California.

Is there a gift processing fee?

Yes.  As is customary, a small portion of your donation (6%) will go toward the university’s operating costs associated with fundraising, including accepting, administering, and reporting on your gift.

Can I make a gift by cash or check on Giving Day?

Yes. Checks should be made out to the UC Santa Cruz Foundation, and indicate in the memo line the project they are supporting. On Giving Day, checks and cash can be delivered in person from 

-- 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on campus at Kerr Hall, entrance lobby.

-- 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at University Relations, 100 Enterprise Way, Scotts Valley (Enterprise Technology Center)

-- Gifts will be accepted by University Relations staff midday at "pop-up" events at Quarry Plaza and OPERS / East Field.

Who has donated match and challenge pledges for the day?

Thank you to all of our generous donors who have made Giving Day 2017 a possibility!  The following donors have a vision for the present and future of UC Santa Cruz, allowing students to grow, create, learn, discover, and lead the way in a world of possibilities.  The following projects have been donated to:



Joseph and Nancy Cox Konopeiski, Nathan Westrup and Judy Straub, Paul Koch, and Stephen Abreu


African American Resource Center Fund

Barbara Rogoff


Ano Nuevo Reserve/Elephant Seal Research

Shelia Bergman


Bird School

Alexander Wallace, Cynthia Condon, Darrow Feldstein


Bruce Lane Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Maxine Lane


Cal Teach Student Scholarships

Dyke and Gretchen Andreasen, Molly Shaw, Stephen and Rachel Thorsett


Carl Deppe Memorial Lecture

Michael Blum


Center For Public Philosophy

Iris Frasier


Crown College Renovation

Henry Chu, Pamela Jue


Dickens Project

Julie Minnis, David Brownell


Dickens Project Graduate Travel Grants

John MacNeil Miller


Ensure the future of the Stevenson core course

Steve Schnaidt


Fencing Team

Mark Headley, Websters


Girls in Engineering

Kipling Inscore, Peggy and Jack Baskin Foundation


Gordon Smith Project

Kristen Marinovic


How to Make a Stem Cell

Randy Widelitz



Elliot Fruchtman


Plant the seed for big DREAMERS

Ruth Murray-Clay, Ted Holman, Yulianna Ortega


Robert Ludwig Memorial Graduate Scholarship Fund

William Saxton



Hans Peter Sarnow


Stevenson Core Course

Linda Peterson


The Anthropology Department Writing Assistant Program Center

Randy Widelitz


The Bird School Project

Lorrie Kiosterman


The Gail Project

Linda Peterson


The Mary Zavanelli Fund

Susan Strome


Tri-institutional Stem Cell Retreat

BSC Directors Dr. Lindsay Hinck and Dr. Camilla Forsberg


UCSC Fund Match

Keith Brant


Undocumented Student Services

Barbara Rogoff


Women's Basketball Team

Earl Cowell, Kevin Susco


Pacific Rim Music Festival

Andrew Imbrie


Still have questions?

Contact us at givingday@ucsc.edu