This year we are adding some fun and friendly competition to increase the success of our Ambassadors including prizes, fun surprises and insider updates throughout the day.


Join the challenge by registering to become an Ambassador by October 29. All Ambassador Challenge participants will receive a FREE t-shirt and special package prior to Giving Day.

Ambassador Challenge

The top two ambassadors that receive the highest number of individual donors on Giving Day will have the opportunity to provide additional support to the project of their choice.

  • $1,000 for first place
  • $500 for second place

Prizes by Gift Amount

All ambassadors will have the opportunity to win swag when they hit certain milestones on the number of individual donors who gave through their Ambassador site.

  • 15 donors = UCSC Socks
  • 25 donors = UCSC Plush Slug
  • 50 donors = UCSC Water Bottle
  • 75 donors = UCSC Beach Towel
  • 100 donors = A $75 gift card

Timed Incentives

Throughout the day, we will offer challenges for Ambassadors and send prizes to you on Giving Day

  • Challenge #1 - 6-8 am - Receive 10 gifts between 6-8 am and receive a $10 Starbucks gift card 
  • Challenge #2 - 12-1 pm - Receive 15 gifts between 12-1 pm and receive a $20 Amazon gift card
  • Challenge #3 - 4-6 pm Receive 20 gifts between 4 pm to 6 pm and dinner is on us! A $30 Door Dash gift card will be sent to anyone that meets this challenge.


**All challenges are based on unique donors. Ex: one person donating 10 gifts would not count; it must be 10 different individuals to count.